to the
Ventnor Community
Fund (VCF)

Online Donations. Because online donations allow for receipts to be sent immediately to your email, and are cost-free paperless transactions, we encourage online giving. Please be sure to provide your current address so that your tax-deductible donation can be acknowledged.

Online donations are made through a portal hosted by CFSJ for Ventnor Community Fund.

Endowment. The other fund is an endowment, or permanent fund. Donations to endowment are not spent in hand-to-mouth fashion but rather, invested and grown. A town the size of Ventnor should aim to build endowment of several million dollars, and put it to work to earn a stream of income. That income from investment can be spent to address future needs and opportunities. You may donate online to the Endowment.

Projects Fund. This fund is devoted to current projects for which there is popular support as shown by private citizens expressing interest. Donations to that fund are intended to reach a funding goal and then be passed through to execute on specific improvement projects. You can donate online for projects through the Fund.

Donations by mail for Endowment
Please fill in our Donation Form, Print and send it along with your check to
c/o CFSJ PO Box 446
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Your check should name Ventnor Endowment/CFSJ as payee

To support the Projects for which we are currently fund-raising, send as follows:
c/o CFSJ
PO Box 446
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Your check should name VentnorCF/CFSJ as payee
Here are some of the projects
we are working to fund:

Donors who plan to gift substantial amounts of $1,000 or more toward any specific project should get in touch with Ventnor Community Fund & Endowment to discuss their interest in having their name or that of a loved one noted in a permanent “commemorative” which will be incorporated into the features of the improvements our efforts address. E.g., inscription in bricks of a pathway, plaques for trees or streetlamps, naming rights to a shade shelter.

To contact us by email: and write “Major Gift” in the subject line

To contact us by mail:
Ventnor Community Fund
c/o Antolini
6501 Monmouth Ave.
Ventnor, NJ 08406

Smaller donations and donations which do not specify any particular project will be allocated among the four projects in the discretion of the Fund Advisors. We expect that some projects may be very popular and funds for them might exceed goal. In that event, advisors would allocate excess amounts to other projects as all have equal priority in being obvious “needs” that most Ventnor residents would want to be met.